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Hearty Oatmeal For Chilly Mornings

Harper Luna shares a yummy, stick-to-your-ribs recipe for oatmeal, and nothing suspicious happens at all.

Spring may be approaching, but it's still so cold here in the early hours. We have a lot of oats left in our ship supplies, so I thought why not spruce them up a bit with local flavors?

ATTENTION … …… …. …….. ….. ….

This transmission has been obtained, investigated, and subsequently censored by the World Organization for Interstellar Safety due to the harmful and potentially treasonous content originally contained therein.

If you are receiving this transmission, please be advised that this serves as your first warning of improper interstellar conduct and attempted illegal access to confidential materials.

Be advised that the owner of this transmission has been detained for questioning as to the nature of these regular communications with Earth territories and interstellar ships.

Be advised that any further socially harmful and treasonous communications from the author to the public may result in the detainment and questioning of all recipients of these communications by their local authorities, in cooperation with the World Organization for Interstellar Safety.

Should you have any questions about this ongoing investigation, you are invited to submit a form request for clarification at our new website and we will get back to you within three to four Earth weeks.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and your interest in public safety.